Do you want to get the most impact from your research?   Are you tired of searching through old computer files to find the methods and data that link together?   Do you want to showcase your research from your best publications?  

FAIRDOM helps you to be in control of collecting, managing, storing, and publishing your data, models, and operating procedures.

Join the hundreds of researchers who have improved research management practices in their lab, and for themselves using our software and expertise.

Or find out more about making your research FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable.

Grow Your Community

Management of data, models, and operating procedures is constantly evolving and improving. If you want to get involved by improving your data management practices; contributing to special software development; joining or starting special interest groups, then our community groups are the place for you.

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Get the Best Platforms

Find the right software to support data, model, and operating procedure management in your lab. All FAIRDOM software is open source, and free to use.   For advice on how to use our software in your lab you can contact us directly.

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Improve and Share Your Knowledge

Wondering why data management is important?   You can learn about the basic “whys?” and “hows” in our Knowledge Hub.

More experienced in data management?   You can learn more about mastering best practices in our Knowledge Hub, and also contribute to our material.

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Get Started

The quickest way to get started with FAIRDOM is to register in the FAIRDOMHub, and you can start sharing your and your lab’s research immediately. You can also join FAIRDOM as an individual to gain access to the Hub, receive newsletters, and access a host of other benefits. If you want FAIRDOM to be part of your data management plan for a grant application you can contact us directly and we will help you

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