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FAIRDOMHub: a repository and collaboration environment for sharing systems biology research

Katherine Wolstencroft, Olga Krebs, Jacky L. Snoep, Natalie J. Stanford, Finn Bacall, Martin Golebiewski, Rostyk Kuzyakiv, Quyen Nguyen, Stuart Owen, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Jakub Straszewski, David D. van Niekerk, Alan R. Williams, Lars Malmström, Bernd Rinn, Wolfgang Müller, and Carole Goble

Nucleic Acids Research, Issue 45(D1), pages D404-D407, 2017. View Publication

FAIRDOM-SEEK Software in Zenodo

The code for each release of FAIRDOM-SEEK is also submitted to Zenodo, with a DOI generated that can be used for Citations: DOI