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The FAIRDOM-SEEK platform is the open source Research Data Management Platform developed and supported by the members of the FAIRDOM consortium.


It is a mature web-based resource for organising, sharing and publishing heterogeneous scientific research datasets, models or simulations, protocols, workflows, samples, publications and other research outcomes. It preserves associations between them, along with information about the people and organisations.

The platform enables the building of Project Hubs where investigators can store, share, access, connect and interact with digital objects generated from their research, and use them in their own analyses.

FAIRDOM provides a public Hub that anyone can register with and use. For more details please visit FAIRDOMHub.

For more information about FAIRDOM-SEEK, including more details about available features, please visit More details can also found by browsing the Documentation.

To see what changes and new features are coming, see the FAIRDOM-SEEK Roadmap.

For examples of FAIRDOM-SEEK being used, please visit SEEK in Use.

You can also easily install your own instance of FAIRDOM-SEEK on Ubuntu or other Debian based Linux Distribution, or can be installed using Docker. For more information see Getting FAIRDOM-SEEK.

If you wish to contribute to FAIRDOM-SEEK, either through providing code, requesting features or updating the documentation, then please visit Contributing.