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Hub: DataHub

In collaboration with the FAIRDOM Consortium, DataHub is a public FAIRDOM-SEEK instance (a Public Hub) developed by ELIXIR Belgium. DataHub serves as a robust management tool that enables researchers to manage research data and produce FAIR data by design. The platform consolidates metadata about experiments and links to the associated data files. One of its key features is the integration of standard metadata used by EBI repositories, making DataHub a powerful tool for brokering data towards ELIXIR deposition databases.

DataHub serves as:

  • A Versatile Platform: Strikes an optimal balance between structured metadata description and user flexibility.
  • Flexible Metadata Capture: Allows users to incorporate specific experimental metadata that meets the unique requirements of their research projects.
  • Metadata Management: Provides a systematic approach for describing experimental metadata at the sample level, adhering to the ISA-model for ISA-JSON export.
  • Research Data Organization: Ensures research data is well-organized and tailored to individual project specifications.

Features Include

  • Integration of EBI Repositories checklists: Ensures seamless brokering of data towards ELIXIR deposition databases.
  • ISA-JSON Standard: Utilizes the ISA-JSON standard to streamline the deposition of (meta)data to repositories, emphasizing ELIXIR databases.
  • FAIR Data Principles: Inherently upholds the FAIR principles—making the (meta)data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable by design.
  • Flexible Metadata Capture: Offers flexibility to capture and incorporate specific experimental metadata tailored to individual research needs.
  • Structured Metadata Approach: Provides a structured method for describing experimental metadata at the sample level, adhering to the ISA-model.
  • Support for Research Projects: Backed by projects like the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Actions project deCYPher, which aims to develop a standardized platform to implement AI and machine learning techniques in industrial biotechnology.

This comprehensive suite of features ensures that DataHub not only supports the efficient management and deposition of research data but also enhances the overall quality and interoperability of the data within the scientific community.

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