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Cost FAIRDOM in your Project


FAIRDOM-SEEK is an open source software and is distributed under a BSD License. The source code is available on GitHub.


FAIRDOMHub is a platform running the FAIRDOM-SEEK software. It can be used for free for small projects. As a rule of thumb, please get in contact with us if you want to store above 1TB of data for a project.

Other Services by the FAIRDOM Consortium:

The FAIRDOM consortium offers the following additional data management services to cost for your project:

  • Face to face consultancy from a member of the FAIRDOM team to your project to assist with demonstrating data management, assisting upload of assets, or training for smaller groups within the project
  • Guaranteed storage space for bigger data sets
  • Bespoken development requirements of FAIRDOM-SEEK software
  • Training courses to FAIRDOMHub

In general we recommend to calculate ca. 5% of your project budget for data management costs. Details should be discussed individually.

For further discussion please contact us at