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How to Get Involved

FAIRDOM is a community driven consortium supported by various UK and European projects. We’re an open community and welcome developers, user communities, and individual users to join us in our efforts to use and develop FAIRDOM-SEEK. If you are interested in data management, a user of any of our platforms, a developer wanting to contribute to our codebase, or just curious about data mangement and want to learn more, please join our meetings or pings us on various communication channels.

Communication Channels

Regular Meetings

FAIRDOM Club Meeting:

Strategic meeting for resources assignment, collaborations, new projects

FAIRDOM Community Workers Meeting:

Prioritization of features requests from users of GUI and outreach (organisation of training, events)

  • When: Last Thursday of each month at 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET

  • How to Join: Contact us on

FAIRDOM Developers Meeting:

Discussion of technical development, APIs, assigining and resolving GitHub issues

Google groups

  • SEEK:
  • SEEK Developers:
  • FAIRDOM Community: