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The FAIRDOM-SEEK platform enables the building of Project Hubs where investigators can store, share, access, connect and interact with digital objects generated from their research, and use them in their own analyses.

Each Hub draws on the common features of the SEEK platform in different ways, configuring and customising its look, organisation and content. The SEEK has an organisational structure based on the ISA model. Hubs commonly customise this. For example:

  • FAIRDOMHub projects are based on the ISA.
  • WorkflowHub “teams” replace projects and the ISA is not used at all.

Each Hub positions itself in a different place in the project asset management pipeline, depending on their different characters. For example:

  • IBISBAKHub is chiefly used for private collaborations between project partners and for handing over data and models between facilities during the execution of a project.
  • FAIRDOMHub is a Hub used for collaborations and public publishing of results, as well as long term retention of outputs after projects have been completed, relying on the FAIRDOM Alliance to look after them.
  • MIT BioMicroCentre uses a private hub within the MIT facility to coordinate project management during the running of a project and then pushes the outputs to the FAIRDOMHub in a final publishing step.

Take a look at the Hubs described below and see the different ways Hubs are configured to suit different needs.