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News: Digital Life Workshop, Bergen, Norway, 8th May

June 5, 2017

At the start of this week Natalie Stanford, Olga Krebs, and Ron Henkel, from the FAIRDOM Team, were in Norway providing basic and advanced training for Digital Life Norway.

The agenda for the day included an introduction to FAIRDOM as a whole, followed by a short introduction to Rightfield, then parallel sessions for basic and advanced FAIRDOMHub training. The training goals for the day were:

Basic Training

  • What is the ISA structure?
  • How to create and interlink ISA elements
  • Browsing and downloading information/data from FAIRDOMHub
  • Uploading/registering your own assets in FAIRDOMHub
  • Linking assets to the ISA
  • Registering publications and linking to other assets.

Advanced Training

Model management in FAIRDOMHub

  • Creating modelling assay
  • Reproducing modelling experiments registered in FAIRDOMHub
  • Creating SED-ML
  • Creating COMBINE archives
  • Archiving your own modelling work
  • Tracking model evolution

Publishing using FAIRDOMHub

  • Why is traditional supplementary data is not enough?
  • What is the ISA structure?
  • Setting up a full ISA structure with attached data and models
  • Making the ISA structure publicly available
  • Snapshotting the ISA and associated data and models
  • Assigning DOIs for linking to within publications.

Samples in FAIRDOMHub

  • Learning about the new samples framework
  • Using existing Sample Types within the FAIRDOMHub
  • Using Metadata sheets to describe samples
  • Generating your own samples using forms and templates in FAIRDOMHub

The workshop was a great success, and the tutorials were popular with all 20 participants. It was particularly rewarding to see how well everyone was working together to learn and solve the data management issues of our example data management conundrum at Happy Salmon Co.

The researchers attending the workshop provided feedback on the technical implementation of both modelling and samples handling in the FAIRDOMHub. As a result we hope to start some user experience improvements over the coming months.

We were well looked after by our Norwegian hosts, and all of us look forward to working more with the Digital Life Norway.