Rightfield is an open-source tool for adding ontology term selection to Excel spreadsheets. Rightfield is used by a ‘Template Creator’ to create semantically aware Excel spreadsheet templates. The Excel templates are then reused by Scientists to collect and annotate their data; without any need to understand, or even be aware of, Rightfield or the ontologies used. Rightfield embedded templates are used within the Samples framework of the SEEK.


Community use

Rightfield was used extensively to generate templates for scientists in the SysMO consortium.


Getting RightField

Rightfield can be downloaded and used directly as an application for Windows, OSX and Linux.


Contributing to RightField

RightField is open source, and is released under the BSD licence.

The source code for RightField is shared on GitHub and is available here.

We encourage and welcome contributions, however small. Not only source code, but also bug reports, feature ideas and suggestions.