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OpenBIS is an open, distributed system for managing biological information. The main goal is to support biological research data workflows from the source (i.e. the measurement instruments) to facilitate the process of answering biological questions by means of cross-domain queries against raw data, processed data, knowledge resources and its corresponding metadata. When paired with our SEEK platform it provides data management support from instrument collection through to publication.

Community use

openBIS is currently being used by several and EU projects applying mass spectrometric measurements of metabolites and proteins, high content screening or next generation sequencing technologies. The attributes making it interesting to a system biology research community include: versatility, simplicity in deployment, scalability to very large data, flexibility to handle any biological data type and extensibility to the needs of any potential user.

Getting openBIS

For downloading the current servers (Application server and Datastore server) please click here

Contributing to openBIS

The source code can be found in the CISD Source Code Repository You can access the OpenBIS publication here