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News: FAIRDOM-SEEK version 1.14.0 released

October 12, 2023

We are pleased to announce a new version of FAIRDOM-SEEK is now available, which is version 1.14.0

This is a large new version, and highlights include:

  • Upgrade of Ruby, from Ruby 2.7 to Ruby 3.1.
    • This gives improved speed and overall performance, along with keeping up with security patches.
  • Upgrade to Rails, to the latest 6.1 release.
  • Nested Extended Metadata (previously referred to as Custom Metadata).
    • Extended Metadata allows items to be customized with additional typed metadata, similar to samples, and was used to support MIAPPE along with some bespoke installations.
    • Extended Metadata can now be nested, i.e one Extended Metadata type definition can include a reference to another, and these will be nested together in a single form.
    • The inner Extended Metadata type can also now be defined as a list, with the form allowing new items to be added or removed.
  • Gatekeeper behaviour refresh and fixes
    • Many bugs fixed, along with improvements and refinements.
    • Fixes to notifications for when a gatekeeper intervention is required.
    • Fixes to tracking items waiting to be published, and updating the list when they are rejected or approved.
    • Fix to better keep track of the full sharing permissions whilst a request to make public is being reviewed by the gatekeeper, and have them applied correctly when approved.
    • Users can now cancel a publishing request.
    • Added support for Samples.
    • Improved integration with DataHub and the Single Page View.
    • Updated documentation.
  • Viewing of Excel files in the browser for all asset types (previously only Data Files were supported).
  • Event filtering improvements.
    • Includes the full set of common filters available for other items, plus the addition of Event specific filters.
  • Fix duplications in the ISA graph and tree, particularly for publications.
  • Updated and unified auto complete text fields to use an improved UI component and be consistent throughout.
    • Type ahead fields that autocomplete (e.g. tagging, sample controlled vocabularies) have now been updated to use select2 throughout.
  • Programme creation request notifications to adminstrators are now shown in the browser as well as by email.
  • Explanatory text for Programme creation has been provided.
  • Navigating from broad search results across all types, to the full list with filtering for a specific type has been made clearer .
  • Better phone and tablet support for some places in the UI.
  • FAIR Signposting support option added.
    • Data dumps containing aggregated Bioschemas metadata generated daily for each asset type.
  • support extended to API.
  • Workflow metadata improvements.
    • Automatic identification of license from LICENSE etc. files in Git repositories or RO-Crates.
    • Recognize additional metadata from CFF files.
    • Add “Deprecated” as a maturity level option.
  • Citation improvements.
    • Citations can now be generated from CFF files for resources without a DOI.
    • Citation style select list can now be filtered.

More details about the changes can be found in the 1.14.0 Release Notes.

Details on installing SEEK can be found in our Documentation, at – including running with Docker.

The upgrade guide can be found in the usual place at