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News: Rightfield and the Research Software Camp: Beyond the spreadsheet panel discussion

November 1, 2021

Katy Wolstencroft will be joining the Panel discussion: Do we have the right tools for research?, which is part of the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet event being run by the Software Sustainability Institute.

The Research Software Camp runs from 1st until the 12th of November 2021, with the panel discussion on 5th November from 2 to 3pm GMT.

Katy will be talking about RightField, and joins expert panelists in a conversation around the use of spreadsheets in research, spreadsheets as powerful tools to handle data, and what’s available for researchers who wish to move beyond spreadsheets.

To attend, registration is required but is free - you can register from the Panel discussion page.

There are also a number of other spreadsheet related Workshops being run, which are also free to join.

There is also blog post about RightField related to this event at