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News: FAIRDOM Webinar on “openBIS ELN-LIMS - an open resource for academic laboratories” Thursday 16th March @ 2pm GMT

March 9, 2017

FAIRDOM’s 2017 Webinar series is in full swing! Webinars run on the third Thursday of each month, and our next webinar is Thursday March 16th @ 2pm GMT.

The webinar series will be of interest to students, researchers, project investigators, lab managers, institutions, publishers, data providers….anyone with data or models to manage.

Our speaker this month is Caterina Barillari from ETH Zurich. She will be talking about “openBIS ELN-LIMS: an open resource for academic laboratories”.

To sign up to the webinar series please visit:

Abstract: “Nowadays, most data produced in academic scientific laboratories is in electronic format, but experimental procedures are still often documented in paper laboratory notebooks. Linking the data to the procedures in this way is not straightforward and this often makes retrieval of relevant information in the mid and long term very problematic. Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) are becoming increasingly popular in replacing paper laboratory notebooks. However, only the combination of an ELN with a data management platform and a laboratory information management system (LIMS), which is used to manage samples and standard operating procedures, allows users to keep track of the complete history of the work performed in the lab, from bench to publication. Keeping track of this history is a requirement for reproducibility of published results, which is fundamental for scientific progress. The open-source software openBIS ELN-LIMS combines these requirements in a single platform, which is specifically tailored to academic life science laboratories.” You can red more here:

Future speakers include:

  • 20th April, Veerle Van den Eynden (UK Data Archive, UK) and Gareth Knight (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “Open Science attitudes and practices among Wellcome and ESRC funded researchers”
  • 18th May, Carole Goble (University of Manchester, UK), “FAIRDOM”
  • 15th June, Bjoern Gruening, “Conda and Containers for a sustainable bioinformatic infrastructure”.
  • 20th July, Matthew Pocock (Turing Ate My Hamster LTD), “ShortBOL: A shorthand for synthetic biology design”.

The webinars will run on the third Thursday of each month at 2pm GMT.