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News: SEEK Version 1.2 released

January 25, 2017

The FAIRDOM team are pleased to announce a new version of SEEK, version 1.2, available to download and install.

Version 1.2 includes a major reimplementation and design of support for Samples, along with many other improvements.

  • developed from discussions within the FAIRDOM-ELIXIR Samples Club
  • sample types with user-defined sets of attributes and attribute types
  • sample types defined manually or from a spreadsheet template
  • samples entered manually or read from a spreadsheet
  • validation of samples against the sample type
  • relations between samples and also to internal and external resources

From this version onwards SEEK is also available through Docker. For details, please see our SEEK Docker guide.

Full details on the improvements included in 1.2 can be found on the SEEK website

Upgrading an existing SEEK to version 1.2 follows the standard steps. Always remember to backup before doing an upgrade!