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The WorkflowHub is a public registry for sharing and publishing computational workflows from any discipline using any workflow language, including Notebooks. It aims to facilitate the re-use of workflows in an accessible and interoperable way, and to support the sharing and publishing of workflows between authors, teams and disciplines. This hub also supports the registration and sharing of Standard Operating Procedures.

The WorkflowHub serves as:

  • a private and public collaboration space for workflow teams;
  • a one stop shop registry for workflows produced by different communities in their own repositories
  • a public registry for published workflows with DOIs, feeding citation Knowledge Graphs

Features include:

  • ISA structure replaced; Projects are replaced by Teams; Programmes are replaced by Spaces
  • Full support for FAIR workflow metadata including workflow description, and CWL description
  • Full support for FAIR Digital Objects with Workflow RO-Crate import and export and FAIR Signposting implementation
  • Workflow launch from the Hub using the GA4GH TRS API
  • Integration with workflow services for monitoring (LifeMonitor)
  • Integration with Github repos
  • Workflow Version management
  • Workflows organised into Collections

More Information:

Goble, C., Soiland-Reyes, S., Bacall, F., Owen, S., Pireddu, L., & Leo, S. (2023). EOSC-Life Implementation of a mechanism for publishing and sharing workflows across instances of the environment. Zenodo