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The IBISBAHubis a Knowledge Hub for scientific information related to IBISBA, the European infrastructure producing translational R&D&I services to an international community of Industrial Biotechnology.

The IBISBAHub serves as:

  • a private collaboration space for IBISBA facilities, handing over data, models and SOPs between partners during the execution of projects;
  • a private recording of the progression and outcome of member projects for IBISBA oversight;
  • a library of member contributed SOPs, models, workflows and data templates shared within the IBISBA membership.
  • a data management resource if a local system is not available to be indexed

Features include * ISA structure that has an order based on the design-build-test phases of a project * Helper tool iPOP to set up a project entry on the Hub * Integration with a project management system and a service catalogue * Storing, sharing and launching workflows linked with related data and models.

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