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Events: FAIRDOM User Meeting


Data management in practice with FAIRDOM-SEEK

The next FAIRDOM user meeting is scheduled for 17th of October, 2022 at 14:00 CEST.

The purpose of the FAIRDOM User Meetings is to establish an active FAIRDOM user community to allow networking between various FAIRDOM-SEEK users and learn from each other’s experiences. Within the two-hours event invited users will showcase the use of FAIRDOMHub and other FAIRDOM-SEEK instances for their research projects. After the presentations we’ll have plenty of time for discussions and networking.


  • Huiming Ding (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US): “Creating mutable samples using NExtSEEK”
  • Sara El-Gebali (SciLifeLab Data Centre, SE): “Samples Metadata at the SciLifeLab”
  • Marek Ostaszewski (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, LU)

Please register for free to get the Zoom access details.