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Fairdom in use: WorkflowHub

The WorkflowHub is a registry and repository for sharing and publishing computational workflows and facilitates the re-use of these workflows in an accessible and interoperable way.

The WorkflowHub is a customised instance of FAIRDOM-SEEK which supported by the FAIRDOM Consortium and sponsored by the EOSC-Life, and is now sponsored by BY-COVID, EuroScienceGateway, TRE-FX, BioDT, BioIndustry4.0, and is heavily used by other ELIXIR activities.

Workflow Hub

The WorkflowHub serves as:

  • a private and public collaboration space for workflow teams;
  • a one stop shop registry for workflows produced by different communities in their own repositories
  • a public registry for published workflows with DOIs, feeding citation Knowledge Graphs

Features include:

  • ISA structure replaced; Projects are replaced by Teams; Programmes are replaced by Spaces
  • Full support for FAIR workflow metadata including workflow description, and CWL description
  • Full support for FAIR Digital Objects with Workflow RO-Crate import and export and FAIR Signposting implementation
  • Workflow launch from the Hub using the GA4GH TRS API
  • Integration with workflow services for monitoring (LifeMonitor)
  • Integration with Github repos
  • Workflow Version management
  • Workflows organised into Collections

More information

More details can be found about WorkflowHub at