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Table of Contents

Meeting Agenda



  • review of work over past month
  • review of work practices - wiki, meetings, skypes etc - How do we organize our meetings that we are able to distinguish what is relevant for the project and what is “nice to know”? (i.e. ensure we have the right people in the right meetings)


  • present progress up to now
  • review Christian’s needs, including working with projects.

12.30 lunch

(somewhere between 13:30 and 15:00 we have to move rooms into the Alwin Mittasch room in the Studio Villa Bosch)

13.30 Community planning different country requirements.

  • Rostyk: presents data management plans gleaned from project proposals
  • Natalie and Carole: present data management activities in wider community.
  • Katy: present FAIRPORT

15.30 break

16.00 Development planning

  • seek dev
  • openBIS dev
  • joint development
  • deploy EuroSEEK plan

17.30 break

  • dinner



  • Split: dev team and community team. - do stuff!

10.30 break


  • do more stuff


  • Manchester leave (flights from Frankfurt at 19:20, so can leave later)
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