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  • Test different ways of browsing through search result, to answer your search question
  • It is NOT about testing the search result itself


  • Go to
  • Log in
  • Example question 1: find all assets containing 'test' that contributed by 'quyen nguyen' in 2014
    • Input keyword: 'test'
    • Browsing through the result
  • Example question 2: find all the sbml model that contributed by stuart
    • Input keyword: 'stuart'
  • Try your own search questions. Could be good to have the keyword which bring big search result, in order to make use of faceted browsing
  • After trying first solution, switch to the other one by:
    • Server admin - Site configuration - Enable/disable features
    • Change the setting of 'Faceted search one instance'
    • Repeat the search questions again

Please give feedback here

  • I'm interested to hear in which way do you prefer for each search question
  • Other feedbacks are welcomed as well

Stuart - 18:12, 18 July 2014 (CEST)

  • Whilst testing all filters over all results
  • It's intrusive and takes too long to initiate, even with a search that returns few results. Makes it look like there are no results due to the delay before the facet browser appears. Most cases its not needed, so maybe have an option to turn it on after a search to filter results.
  • Checkboxes don't show up until after you click a href link. Not clear you can select things.
  • Takes a very long time after deselecting a box, which seems to get exponentially worse by the number of results. E.g. search for “the”, then select assay and select a filter (don't think it matters which, but say use COSMIC project). Then deselect it, and it takes about 10 seconds to clear with no UI feedback.
  • The count alignment is sometimes wrong, sometime appears above the line.
  • The text at the top takes up a lot of space, and could be reduced to 1 line
  • Filtering by assay or technology type ignores the hierarchy
  • Not clear what filters you have selected.
  • Confusing whether it is doing and AND or OR
  • Search filters box at the top doesn't search filters but searches results.
  • Sometimes duplicate filters appear (i.e. the same text). Difficult to reproduce, will try and find a consistent way to reproduce.
  • Text at the top is wrong e.g. after selecting a project it says “1 Person filtered from 19 originally” - there were only 2 people originally, but 19 items in total.
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