The SEEK platform is a web-based resource for sharing heterogeneous scientific research datasets, models or simulations, processes and research outcomes. It preserves associations between them, along with information about the people and organisations involved. The research can be organised into investigations, studies and assays (experiments) based on the ISA-Tools format. When paired with our openBIS platform it provides data management support from instrument collection through to publication. Norwegian users benefit from a functional integration with the NeLS Bioinformatics compute platform. An API simplifies upload and download of files.

The SEEK can be downloaded, installed, and managed locally as a solution to data sharing within groups and consortia. In addition, publicly released assets can be made available in the FAIRDOMHub.


Community use

The SEEK software has been used to support a large range of systems and synthetic biology projects, featuring as the main data management platform for all projects in the SysMO Consortium, the Virtual Liver Network, and EraSysApp. In 2018 the platform became a national resource for Norwegian life-sciences after a functional integration with the NeLS Bioinformatics platform. The SEEK is open to the community for self-managed projects. The platform was built, and is now maintained, using a network of PALs (Project Area Liaisons), who constantly test and advise on real world usage of the platform helping to shape the platforms development and performance for cutting edge systems biology projects.


Getting Seek

SEEK is open source software, and is distributed under a BSD License. The source code is all available on GitHub. Further information about obtaining SEEK is available on the SEEK Development website.


Contributing to SEEK

For details on how you can contribute to SEEK please visit our Contributors Guide