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The Virtual Liver Network (VLN) represents a major research investment by the German Government focusing on work at the “bleeding edge” of Systems Biology and Systems Medicine. This Flagship Programme is tackling one of the major challenges in the life sciences: that is, how to integrate the wealth of data we have acquired post-genome, not just in a mathematical model, but more importantly in a series of models that are linked across scales to represent organ function. As the project is prototyping how to achieve true multi-scale modelling within a single organ and linking this to human physiology, it will be developing tools and protocols that can be applied to other systems, helping to drive forward the application of modelling and simulation to modern medical practice. It is the only programme of its type to our knowledge that bridges investigations from the sub-cellular through to ethically cleared patient and volunteer studies in an integrated workflow. As such, this programme is contributing significantly to the development of a new paradigm in biology and medicine.

VLN was a project running from 2010 to 2015. FAIRDOM’s forerunner project SysMO-DB and VLN have been working closely together on SEEK development, and VLN is running SEEK as a data management platform.

While there is no direct successor for the Virtual Liver network, there is LiSyM, a large scale Liver Systems Medicine project, funded by the the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since beginning of 2016.