Partners | SBI Rostock

The Department of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (SBI) at the University of Rostock runs a variety of projects in local, national and international collaborations focussing on interdisciplinary research in biomedicine. Prof. Dr. Olaf Wolkenhauer, heading this Department, has gained more than sixteen years of experience in mathematical modeling of molecular and cellular processes. In the field of bioinformatics, the expertise of the group ranges from data standardisation, data integration and data mining to high throughput data analysis. A more detailed description of projects and the expertise of the team can be found at

The SBI runs various interdisciplinary projects funded by the German Research Council (DFG), BMBF or EU. These projects combine computational research, especially systems biology and bioinformatics, with diverse medical, engineering, social and biotechnological research questions. Current multidisciplinary projects range from radiation response detection by NGS analyses (COLLAR), tumor progression and metastasis evaluation by network analyses (SysMet) or interaction analyses of chemical compounds and proteins (HICE). Additionally, Olaf Wolkenhauer is involved in the European wide CASyM consortium which develops an implementation strategy (road map) for Systems Medicine. The group is also part of the de.NBI data management cluster (NBI-SysBio).

Within NBI-SysBio, and in the related BMBF e:Bio project SEMS, the SBI develops tools and methods to manage computational models. One important aspect of the work is standards development for the COMBINE community. Another equally important aspect is the development of algorithms to find models, compare them, and ultimately to make model-based results reproducible.

FAIRDOM uses the SEMS tool for difference detection in models, BiVeS. Within the NBI-SysBio project we develop a search interface for SEEK that builds on our existing ranked retrieval system MORRE. Finally, FAIRDOM uses our library to create COMBINE Archives.