In SysMO DB PALs team I have represented BaCell project. The purpose of PALs meetings is to share experience for connecting wet- and dry-lab. The questions are what kind of obstacles exist, what kind of standards can help in the reporting of results, and how can software be developed to improve performance. The meetings take place once or twice a year and offers the opportunity to meet colleagues with similar objectives in other projects. Besides the official discussions there was always enough room for pleasurable social events.

Research Interests

I studied biochemistry at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. In my diploma I conducted laboratory experiments to optimize recombinant expression of Wnt-proteins in E. coli, conducted at the Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory of Prof. Neubauer, University of Oulu. Later I got interested in a mathematical understanding of biological processes and turned to Systems Biology, which brought me to the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Laboratory (SBI) of Prof. Wolkenhauer at the University of Rostock where I fnished my dissertation in 2013 about mathematical modeling of stressosome mediated general stress response in B. subtilis. Since 2015 I am working at Institute of Applied Microbiology at RWTH Aachen University and use mathematical models to supplement the metabolism of S. cerevisiae with the ability to assimilate carbon dioxide and to convert it to succinate.

Expertise and Tools

Bacillus subtilis
computational biology
deterministic modelling of gene regulation networks
deterministic models
dynamic modelling
dynamics and control of biological networks
parameter estimation
sensitivity analysis
stochastic models
stress responses
theoretical biology