I am a staff scientist at SynBioChem, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. Former UPFellow associate researcher for GRIB/IMIM at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain) holding since 2009 a visiting appointment at iSSB in Evry (France). After gaining a PhD in Computer and Control Engineering (Polytechnic University of Valencia, 1999), I did a post-doctoral training during 2000-2002 at New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering (NYU-Poly) where I worked on the development of theoretical models for bioinspired systems such as artificial limbs. During 2002-2005, I was appointed team leader at the Integrative Biomechatronics lab of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 2005, my research has focused on systems and synthetic biology at their interface with bioinformatics. I obtained a Research Director Habilitation from the University of Evry in Computational Biology in 2010.

Research Interests

Applied research at the interface of synthetic biology and engineering with the goal of developing novel sustainable technologies for chemistry, life, health and environmental sciences.

Expertise and Tools
1. Computer-aided design of metabolic pathways (, a unified framework that integrates in a webserver diverse techniques involved in the design of heterologous biosynthetic pathways
2. Prediction of toxicity in /E. coli * A robust model developed for predicting toxicity in E. coli ibased on experimental toxicity values
3. Protein side chain dynamics prediction, a neural network trained with protein structural descriptors to predict side chain-methyl dynamics (NMR order parameter), more here

Expertise and Tools