I currently work as an untargeted metabolomics/chemometrics based experimental officer within the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB), University of Manchester, UK

My role as a PAL is in the newly formed BBSRC-SYNBIOCHEM centre that is developing new microbial pathway designs, microbial architecture, screening methods and metabolic understanding with the aim of synthesising a broad range of new and highly valuable chemicals.

Research Interests

My principle research interest lie in applying mass spectrometry based metabolomics with the aim of identifying biomarker patterns that can be linked to genetic modulation and phenotypic expression within engineered bacterial strains. This role is highly diverse and ranges from the heavily technically focused areas of UHPLC-MS and GCMS to subsequent data pre-processing and associated chemometric/statistical analysis. By analysing the vast amounts of metabolite data generated throughout these metabolomic pipelines, it is possible to predict where carbon flow is going and ultimately guide pathway design reach to the goal of the target molecule.

Expertise and Tools

Mass Spectrometry
Signal Processing