I am a PhD student and a member of the Eco-System Biology Group at the University of Luxemburg.

Besides, I am a PAL in the SysMetEx project (Integrating Modelling of Metabolism and Signalling towards an Application in Microbial Ecology and Biomining) which is a part of the ERASysAPP (ERA-Net for Systems Biology Applications).

Research Interests

In my research, I am highly interested in the structure and the functionality of microbial communities. These communities play important roles in various biogeochemical cycles as well as human health and disease development. Understanding how different microorganisms interact with each other could also allow improving various biotechnological processes, e.g. recovery of metals from minerals through bioleaching or biofuel production from lipid accumulating bacteria.

In our investigations, we are using Systems Biology and Bioinformatics approaches to study mixed microbial communities in unprecedented detail. Bio-samples are routinely analyzed in a systematic manner using various integrated “omics” methodologies. The resulting data is processed with data-analyzing pipelines and serves as input for the construction of multiscale mathematical models. Such models allow formulation and testing of hypotheses which can be further validated using wet-lab experiments.

Expertise and Tools

Systems Biology