I've got a SysMO DB PAL as a post-doc in lab of Prof. Matthias Reuss at University of Stuttgart. Our major efforts were in the data acquisition for dynamic model of glycolysis as it is the major anaerobic energy supplier in yeast. The model should to implement prediction of perturbations of two types: glucose pulse and temperature jump. We are explicitly using “stimulus-response” methodology for the unraveling the dynamic structure of the network to model it.

Research Interests

MOSES project was studying the ATP metabolism of saccharomyces cerevisiae. To complement existing top-down and bottom-up SB strategies, here a domino, problem oriented SB approach is developed, which follows the lines of regulation, pertinent to a selected highly connected molecule property. The selected property is ATP (‘energy’). The approach is developed in the most suitable, well-defined, industrially most relevant organism, baker’s yeast. The MOSES program connects yeast Systems Biology nuclei in SYSMO countries and is associated with the Yeast Systems Biology Network and HepatoSys.

Expertise and Tools

Biochemistry and protein analysis
Biochemistry continuous cultivation
carbon metabolism
coupling metabolome and environome
dynamics and control of biological networks
Enzyme assay
Material balance based modeling
rapid sampling experiments
stimulus response experiments
Stoichiometric modelling
Systems Biology
yeast and fungi