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Technical Project Leader,
Oxford e-Research Centre,
United Kingdom.
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Philippe Rocca-Serra is a Senior Research Lecturer at the Oxford e-Research Centre, a department of the University of Oxford, UK, and a consultant for the Hoffman-La Roche health-care company, advising on standards and ontology development. Previously based at EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), he has fifteen years of experience and a proven track record in support of reproducible research, working with and for data producers and service providers, and pre-competitive informatics initiatives, journals and funding agencies to develop methods and implement software, and also collaboratively create and implement community-developed semantic technologies and standards.

At the University of Oxford e-Research Centre, he co-leads and contributes to several EU and US funded projects, including the European translational information and knowledge management services (eTRIKS), an infrastructure project core to the Innovative Medicines Initiative, the largest public-private initiative in Europe and the H2020 PhenoMenal project, an initiative on Clinical Molecular Phenotyping with metabolomics techniques. He also contributes to the ELIXIR-UK Node and in two NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative’s centres (Biocaddie and CEDAR). He is also involved a range of community-driven, international grass-root initiatives, including the Open Biomedical Ontology (OBO) Foundry initiative and the Metabolomics Society.

Webinar Presentations

25th April 2016 (14:00 – 14:45 GMT) : “ISA and Biosharing resources – Exemplars of use”

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As biology turns truly into a digital science, the proper management of digital data assets becomes an acute issue for scientists. This turn is all the more importance as the evaluation of scientific productivity will no longer be confined to assessing publication output but will start looking at dataset reuse and software code release.

This seminar will therefore begin by highlighting the BioSharing (https://biosharing.org), a resource helping researchers, curators, service providers, but also funders and journals to navigate the wealth of standards, databases and data policies implementing or recommending them. I will use the recommendations issued by the IMI eTRIKS, a consortium creating an infrastructure for translational research, as an exemplar user of BioSharing.

I will also illustrate our experience with the ISA framework (www.isa-tools.org) and the work done with and for the community to evolve the model specifications, creating new powerful serialisations.

Finally, I will summarise our collaboration with and the role of BioSharing and ISA in two NIH Big Data to Knowledge Centres, namely CEDAR for data annotation and BioCADDIE for data indexing and discovery.