Welcome to our Webinars for Data and Model management Practice in the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences. These webinars will interest students, researchers, project investigators, lab managers, institutions, publishers, data providers….anyone with data or models to manage. Details of our first season can be found below.

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Season 2

Date Speaker Title
19th January 2017 Niall Beard, ELIXIR-UK, UK Building a training material portal: BioSchemas and metadata scraping
16th February 2017 No Webinar
16th March 2017 Caterina Barillari, ETH Zürich High-throughput data management: openBis
20th April 2017 Veerle Van den Eynden (UK Data Archive, UK) and Gareth Knight (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Open Science attitudes and practices among Wellcome and ESRC funded researchers
18th May 2017 Susheel Varma, VPH-Dare, UK The VPH-DARE@IT Platform for Translating Research to Clinical Decision Support of early and differential diagnosis of dementia
15th June 2017 Bjoern Gruening Conda and Containers for a sustainable bioinformatic infrastructure
20th July 2017 Matthew Pocock, Turing Ate My Hamster LTD ShortBOL: A shorthand for synthetic biology design.

Season 1

Date Speaker Title
1st February 2016 Steven Wiley, Pacific North-Western National Laboratory, USA. Future-proofing your data: working to ensure that your work will survive the connected world
29th February 2016 Brett Olivier, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands. Models, standards and software in systems biology.
28th March 2016 Public Holiday in UK  No Webinar
25th April 2016 Philippe Rocca Serra, University of Oxford, UK. ISA and Biosharing resources – Exemplars of use.
30th May 2016 Public Holiday in UK  No Webinar
27th June 2016 Neil Swainston, University of Manchester, UK. Design Tools and Data in Synthetic Biology
25th July 2016 Martin Scharm, University of Rostock, Germany. Challenges for model management