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Tutorials that have been used as part of workshops and meetings:

Date TITLE Hub link
24th November 2016 Intro to FAIRDOM, overview of FAIRDOMHub, then Hands-on training https://www.fairdomhub.org/presentations/320
10th November 2016 FAIRDOMHub Training (upload/download assets; generate ISA structure https://www.fairdomhub.org/presentations/316
12th September 2016 Hands-on to generate an ISA structure, upload and register digital content, sharing and interlinking, samples framework, publishing using snapshots and ROs https://www.fairdomhub.org/presentations/281
9-10th December 2015 PALs Meeting Munich https://www.fairdomhub.org/data_files/1293
7th December 2015 User Documentation to assist with using FAIRDOMHub https://www.fairdomhub.org/presentations/175
14th-16th September 2015 Reproducible and Citable Data and Models Workshop https://www.fairdomhub.org/data_files/1292