Here we present a collection of useful reports from both FAIRDOM and the community to assist with understanding and implementing data and model management.



Date Title Link
29th June Identifiers for the 21st century: How to design, provision, and reuse persistent identifiers to maximize utility and impact of life science data
24th January We must urgently clarify data sharing rules
18th January Recommendations to Funding Agencies for Supporting Reproducible Research


Date Title Link
31st October Towards Open Research: practices, experiences, barriers and opportunities
24th October Interoperability Standards – Digital Objects in Their Own Right
1st August Strategic research agenda – Systems Biology in Europe 2016. Strategic-Research-Agenda-Systems-Biology-in-Europe-2016.pdf
11th February Ten Simple Rules for Selecting a Bio-ontology.
28th January Improving Samples Descriptions in the Software SEEK.
7th January How and why you should manage your research data: a guide for researchers


Date Title Link
30th October Practical evaluation of SEEK and OpenBIS for biological data management in SynthSys; first report
2nd October 10 Simple rules for design, provision, and reuse of identifiers for web-based life science data
29th July Data standards can boost metabolomics research, and if there is a will, there is a way.
8th July From Peer-Reviewed to Peer-Reproduced in Scholarly Publishing: The Complementary Roles of Data Models and Workflows in Bioinformatics
14th January BioMedBridges workshop on e-Infrastructure support for the life sciences – Preparing for the data deluge


Date Title Link
4th September How to cite and describe software.