Data and Model Management

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Data and model management is the process of controlling information that is generated during research projects. All research projects require some degree of data and model management, whether it is simple spreadsheet storage, or the complex management of high-throughput data stored and shared among geographically distributed partners


Community Standards

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Standards are, in essence, an agreed way of organising and describing things. Systems biology has standards for formatting, and for annotating data and models. They are designed by experts with an understanding of what key information will comprise the outcome of an experiment, and how it is best structured in a written format…


Repositories and Commons

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Repositories and commons are ways of storing and managing data and models. They allow data and models to be made available publicly, for search and reuse.


Specialised Software

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Research projects always require a degree of data production and analysis, much of which is completed using ad hoc software, such as personal scripts…



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View publications related to FAIRDOM and contributed to by FAIRDOM members.



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The FAIRDOM Webinar Series is launching in January 2016. Webinars will run monthly on the final Monday of each month at 2pm UK time. The webinars will run for 45 minutes, including a 30 minute presentation from an invited speaker, with 15 minutes for audience questions.



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View a collection of useful reports from both FAIRDOM and the community to assist with understanding and implementing data and model management.



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View presentations from the FAIRDOM Team, and from invited speakers at FAIRDOM events.



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View tutorials that have been used as part of workshops and meetings.