You can join FAIRDOM as an individual, whether you are a PhD Student, Post-Doc, Professor, Developer, Publisher, Funder, or just generally interested in data and model management. It is free to join us, and we offer the following benefits to our individual members:

  • You will become part of our “pool of experts”. We draw from this pool of experts for consulting purposes, giving a forum for your expertise and giving you the possibility to influence FAIRDOM. It can include partnering with FAIRDOM on paper writing, recommendation drafting, or blog solicitations. It can also include the possibility to do common training and workshops (with a varying degree of your involvement), or club organisation.
  • Free travel and accommodation for invited experts who run training, workshops, and in some instances club meetings with FAIRDOM.
  • You can propose new clubs to be organised under the FAIRDOM name. Where possible we will assist with establishing a network of people to initiate the club, and offer advice in running of events.
  • You can use FAIRDOMHub for publishing your supplementary material for publications.
  • You will receive regular newsletters about what is happening in FAIRDOM.
  • You will be provided with material about FAIRDOM that you can use in your own websites/presentations/correspondence to show what FAIRDOM is and your relation to FAIRDOM.
  • You can join our software development management system (JIRA).

NB If you are interested joining FAIRDOM as an Institute, Company, Research Consortia or other, then please contact us directly