• PALS meeting
    PALS meeting
    ERASysAPP PALS meeting in Berlin 2015
  • Berlin city
    Berlin city
  • Berlin by night
    Berlin by night
  • Citation workshop
    Citation workshop
    Reproducible and Citable Data and Models Workshop - Rostock - 2015

The PALs (Project Area Liaisons) are our user focus group. They are “front line” experimentalists, modellers and bioinformaticians from each of the projects we work with. They act as our advocates and communicate our progress back to their projects.

Our community is large, by working with a small team of committed representatives, we can ascertain the requirements for each project and easily disseminate new material and recommendations back to the wider community.

The FAIRDOM team works closely with the PALs on:

  • requirements gathering and consultation
  • reviewing of ideas and prototypes
  • testing and reporting on solutions
  • intelligence gathering from projects

Any software changes, updates, or advancements from FAIRDOM are tested by the PALs before being released to the wider community. They shape our ideas and influence the direction of the project.

Pay a visit to our PALs Gallery to learn more about the PALs.