Welcome to the FAIRDOM Association e.V., the membership organisation that supports FAIRDOM.

The Association organises the development and distribution of open-source software (the FAIRDOM Platform), provides software services for public use (the FAIRDOMHub), and runs training and community development events, amongst other activities.

How can the Association help my research project?

The Association provides data management for laboratory research projects in the Life Sciences. The best way to engage is before the start of the project, when FAIRDOM can join the research funding proposal and deliver services tailored to your project needs. FAIRDOM can also provide services for existing projects on a contract basis. Users can establish self-service projects on the FAIRDOMHub. FAIRDOM also provides user training and community events.

Who can join, and how can I contribute to FAIRDOM?

Anyone interested in research data management can join as a FAIRDOM Member. Supporters contribute to FAIRDOM through community activities such as training or through code development and testing. Facilities provide multiple, in-kind or funded contributions, such as software development or hosting the FAIRDOM platform for their local users. Donors contribute financially and with strategic partnerships.

What are the benefits?

FAIRDOM members set the roadmap and priorities for development of the FAIRDOM platform. To this end, members gain discounted or free access to FAIRDOM community events and training.

What is the Association?

The Association e.V. (“eingetragener Verein“) was registered in December 2016, in Berlin, Germany. Its operation is broadly similar to a charity in the UK. The Association is tax-privileged under German law.

The FAIRDOM Association e.V. was established to:

  • Advance science and research in the field of digital asset management,
  • Exchange best practices, development and education on digital asset management,

for the benefit of the global scientific community and the general public.