FAIRDOM-SEEK version 1.11.0 released

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We are pleased to announce a new version of FAIRDOM-SEEK is now available, which is version 1.11.0

There have many improvements and bugfixes, but the main highlights include:

  • Changes to joining a project during registration.
  • Simplified Project and Programme creation.
  • Site managed Programmes.
  • Markdown formatting of descriptions.
  • Ontology based controlled vocabularies.
  • Spreadsheet view for exploring Comma and Tab separated value files (CSV or TSV).
  • Condensed view of lists.
  • Table view of lists.
  • MIAPPE support with custom metadata extensions.
  • Bulk changing of sharing permissions.
  • Simplified deleting of Projects.
  • Run with Copasi button.
  • Changing visibility of item versions.

More details about the changes can be found in the 1.11.0 Release Notes.

Details on installing SEEK can be found in our Documentation, at https://docs.seek4science.org/get-seek.html – including running with Docker.

The upgrade guide can be found in the usual place at https://docs.seek4science.org/tech/upgrading.html