NormSys & CHARME Tutorial/Conference: Future needs – today’s requirements, Building Bridges with Standards in the Life Sciences, December 5-6 – Potsdam, Germany

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This meeting will take place December 5-6, 2016 at the Fraunhofer conference center in Potsdam, Germany. The tutorial will also cover an introduction into the FAIRDOM/SEEK platform for data management.

Standardisation issues are addressed in many fields in the life sciences, e.g. basic research, industrial R&D, education, technology transfer and application but these areas are often poorly connected.
The conference intends to explore the needs and the dimension of the relation between standardisation and innovation. Representatives from academia, industry and standardisation bodies who have been making exceptional contributions to develop and disseminate standards will inform and discuss with the participants the pros and cons of the use and implementation of standards in the daily workflows.
The tutorial will give interested staff insights in standard operation procedures (SOPs), experimental design, modelling design and a brief introduction into FAIRDOM ata management. This training will give an overview and hints how to plan an experiment to generate standardised data which are consistent and suitable for mathematic analysis, as well as how this can be handled and used to setup simulatable computer models.

The conference is free of charge.  For the tutorial we ask for a small fee.

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To register the panel discussion and / or the conference please send an E-mail to with the subject line
NORMSYS-Conference for participation at the conference or
NORMSYS-Panel for participation at the panel discussion.

You can download the conference tutorial in PDF format here: Conference tutorial