ERACoBioTech: Cofund on Biotechnologies Announced

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About CoBioTech

The ERA-Net Cofund on Biotechnologies is a new ERA-Net Cofund Action under Horizon 2020 that will build upon the achievements of ERA-IB2 (ERA-Net for Industrial Biotechnology 2), ERASysAPP (ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology) and ERASynBio (ERA-Net for Synthetic Biology).
The key mission of ERA CoBioTech is to

  • maximise synergies between current mechanisms of biotechnology research funding in Europe
  • foster the exchange of knowledge across borders
  • highlight the benefits of a bio-based economy for society
  • maintain and strengthen Europe’s position in biotechnology.

For more information please visit:

The pre-announcement is available here as a pdf download: [pdf download]