Review of NBI-SysBio-Workshop ‘Kinetics on the move’

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On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of SABIO-RK (Biochemical Reaction Kinetics Database), the Scientific Database and Visualization (SDBV) group of HITS hosted the Workshop on Data for Computational Modelling in Heidelberg (30-31 May 2016). It was organized as a training course for experimentalists and modelers by the Data Management Node (NBI-SysBio) of de.NBI and supported by the FAIRDOM project and HITS.

In the keynote talk Ursula Kummer gave an overview of SABIO-RK and Modelling Biological Systems. The following talks and hands-on sessions focused on the publication, curation, retrieval, and usage of kinetic data from the reaction kinetics database SABIO-RK and on the use of data in modeling. The second day was dedicated to data management including best practice in data and model storage and re-usability by introducing the SEEK system and incorporated tools. The talks and hand-on sessions were enriched by questions, lively discussions and feedback given by the approximately twenty workshop participants.

Written by Maja Rey of de.NBI and SABIO-RK