Samples Club 2

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Our second Samples Club was held in Manchester, just before easter, on March 21st-23rd. The meeting was jointly hosted between FAIRDOM and ELIXIR-UK, as part of ELIXIR-EXCELERATE. Participants with an interest in sample metadata and modelling got together to discuss a range of topics related to a sample centric interoperability framework driven by use cases.  A broad range of European and national projects were represented including (but not limited to) BioSamples, BBMRI, CORBEL, ISBE, SynBioChem, FAIRDOM, RD-Connect, ISA, the BD2K centres, CEDAR and BioCADDIE, and Ocean Sampling Day (OSD).

A number of working groups were formed in order to continue work on key topics that emerged from the meeting. These included:

Working Group 1

Sample meta-data profiles.  Based on a faceted projection of sample ‘primary type’, develop recommendations for a standardised set of associated attribute profiles based on minimum information standards (e.g. MIABIS, MIGS, MIMARKS)

Working Group 2

Tools for sample meta-data enrichment. Defining tools (Zooma, SORTA, RightField) for ontological enrichment of metadata from legacy data to point of capture;

Working Group 3

Sample interoperability framework. Proposal of a best practice framework for modelling sample-sample interactions exploring the benefits of process, procedure chain

Working Group 4

Tools for sample meta-data management. Harmonising data interoperability between tools (such as SEEK4Science, BioSamples, MOLGENIS, ISA) for sample metadata management.

Samples Club has been established as an open group that aims to develop an extensible and interoperable framework for the representation of sample meta-data as a recommendation for use across the European Life Science infrastructures, products and services. It’s a club that anyone can join. If you have an interest, particularly if you have a samples related use case please get involved by mailing: or