Kicking-off with the PALs

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Here at FAIRDOM we take our PALs seriously. PALs are Project Area Liasons, who are the “front line” experimentalists and modellers we work closely with during the development of our software platforms.

Our PALs are typically selected from the projects we most closely support, which ran up until last year was the SysMo Consortium. With the establishment of ERASysAPP network together with the associated projects, we are now starting a new chapter in our development which includes direct support of all ERASysAPP projects. This is an exciting time for us as we get to work with a new group of PALs, and with a whole new set of research-asset management challenges.

On April 16th and 17th, we held our first ERASysAPP PALs meeting as a satellite to the ERASysAPP kick-off meeting at Ameron Hotel Abion, Spreebogen, Berlin, Germany. We started getting to know each other with dinner a few tipples on the evening of the 16th, and even had some guest appearances from our legacy PALs of the SysMo project.

On the 17th we had a private meeting with the PALs to show an exclusive set of presentations, and demos. We first presented the benefits of good research-asset management practice, and how the software works to support them in their labs, before moving on to a demo of openBIS and SEEK. We then held a Q+A session to discuss the software, and the practical implications of implementing research-asset management in their labs.

FAIRDOM’s software was received positively by the PALs, and we now have a great foundation to build upon with future events. We can’t wait until the next meeting, where we’ll even have a few extra PALs to get to know.